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The Aquarian Protocol (Cure)

Yes, we are liquidarians, but more to the point, we are…


And for those who are just beginning their clean-out, we have…


water heart

Andrew Norton Webber (Facebook)

Understand that diagnosis is no longer necessary and the protocol is exactly the same for all serious illnesses.

The following is the highest-speed, Aquarian Protocol, in which cancers and tumors, for instance, are usually totally destroyed without a trace within 2-4 weeks…

Fast while drinking all of your Urine, except for a once a day pint (1/2ltr) set aside to be used for a daily, full body rubdown. If desired, also consume the Purest, Distilled Water which is available.

If the person with the illness does not wish to drink Urine, then…

Fast while drinking at least a gallon a day (4ltrs) up to 1.5 gallons per day (6ltrs) of any desired combination of Raw, Living Juices and the Purest, Distilled Water available.

You can expect the exact same victory, but these waters are not as finely distilled as Urine and it will take approximately 2-3 times longer for completion.

If the person with the illness does not wish to Fast, then…

Drink any combination of the Pure, Distilled Waters in the same volume, and know that completion will take longer, and the extra length is determined by how healthy the diet is.



We don’t know how long it is advisable to remain on pure distilled water but the other options are

well known to be safe, especially urine and vegetable juices.     (Bio-Sil)

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