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Free health assessments online

Dr. Saputo’s Health Assessments offers its members free access to over 30 Health Assessments for the most common health conditions found in the US. It takes less than 3 minutes to complete them and based on how you answer questions, you’ll receive instant feedback in the form of short audios and videos that provide information Dr. Saputo believes you need to know.

All of our Health Assessments are completely free to our members. This is the next best thing to making an appointment with Dr. Len as he has anticipated the questions he believes you should ask to understand your health condition and to consider with your health care practitioner when looking for solutions.

If you are interested, Dr. Saputo also provides links to products that you may want to consider to help deal with your health problem as well as a free 15 minute consultation with one of our nutritional specialists.

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These are the Health Assessments currently availible on with video overviews of each Health Ailment

For example :


Our ADD/ADHD Health Assessment asks you questions about how the diagnosis was made, what symptoms you have, how you are managing your symptoms, and what can be done to treat this problem with and without drugs.  

ADD and ADHD are common diagnoses that now are reported to affect at least 5% of our children and many of these kids suffer from family or other social dysfunction that masquerade as these conditions. It is important to support our children with psychotherapy and general and targeted nutrition. While optimal nutrition with whole, unprocessed, unrefined foods without additives and preservatives is critical, there are specific essential fatty acids that are critical to replace to avoid biochemical defects that not only lead to the commonly appreciated symptoms of these conditions but also to the commonly under-appreciated findings that include dyslexia, dyspraxia, night blindness and dry skin. Obtaining an essential fatty acid profile is a good idea for everyone who has one of these diagnoses.

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ADD-ADHD Overview
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