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Autism cured with MMS

MMS Founder
Jim Humble

MMS for Autism

Kerri Rivera just received word that a 70th child has now recovered from autism using MMS and the pathogen protocol. Kudos to Kerri and her efforts.

While we are on the topic of Kerri Rivera, Daniel Bender has just released a new “Straight Talk on MMS” about Kerri, her story and what she has been doing with MMS to help those kids with autism. Please spread the link to your friends so they can see what MMS is doing in the world of autism:

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A very informative site with detailed MMS protocols :

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Further information and links :


Have you read about MMS treatment for ASD? Guest blogger, Nicole Wallace, has penned an informative post with some great information about how many families in Latin America are witnessing recovery from autism via Master Mineral Solution. Nicole also shares information about how MMS treatments began and how to learn more about MMS & autism from Kerri Rivera next month in Chicago at AutismOne. Read more below and let us know what you think!

Master Mineral Solution (MMS) Treatment for Autism
By Nicole Wallace

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