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MMR and Pertussis Vaccine Damage


CDC Says MMR And Pertussis Vaccines Can

Cause Permanent Brain Damage

By MB June 21, 2013

The CDC states on its web site that the MMR and pertussis vaccines can cause permanent brain damage.

They disclose this on their Possible Side-effects from Vaccines page in the Severe Problems category.

This confirms the medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction: Encephalitis (brain inflammation).

Many informed parents report their children had a vaccine adverse reaction that caused permanent brain damage. The CDC denies vaccines cause autism, while its own web site admits vaccines can cause permanent brain damage.

CBS news points out the US government has compensated many cases of ‘vaccine-related brain damage.’

The CDC is in the business of pushing vaccines, yet the brain damage vaccines can cause is admitted and disclosed right there before your eyes on the CDC web site. If a doctor, public health official or anybody else tells you vaccines are perfectly safe – they are either misinformed or lying. Tell them to read the CDC web site.







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