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DIY natural eyeliner / shadow

Make Your Own Natural Eyeshadow or Liner Out of Charcoal

I recently read No More Dirty Looks after putting it off for years—knowing full well that once I read that book, I would toss all my “natural” products because they wouldn’t be “clean” enough. I have been making my own body oils, lotions, lip glosses and blush for a while now, but I did have some suspect hair products that I loved, lip glosses and shadows that were in a variety of stunning, unnatural colors that I wouldn’t, couldn’t, believe were loaded with carcinogens and my deodorant, well, it claimed to be natural. But I knew that it was time for me to be more informed, so I picked up No More Dirty Looks, read it cover to cover in one day with my jaw on the floor, and as anticipated, tossed a good bit of my toiletries and makeup pronto.

Even though almost all my products claimed naturalness, it wasn’t really so. See, horrifyingly, beauty products aren’t regulated by the FDA which means that anything goes, including known carcinogens and ingredients that react with others (including your skin) to create formaldehyde and other evilness. Even if your product claims to be natural, and all ingredients are a-ok, if it lists “fragrance,” beware. “Fragrance” is protected by trade secret laws and the ingredients (usually dangerous) aren’t disclosed to the companies buying them for their “natural” products. Le sigh. Another reminder that keeping it simple is the smartest, and safest, way to go.

I highly recommend this book to YU. Not only does it reveal the truth about your beauty products, but replacements are listed along with what to watch out for on your labels.

Since the big purge, my hairdresser is in awe at the healthy condition of my hair, my skin is less dry and fine lines are diminished. I’ve been hearing more “miss” than “ma’am” from strangers and I cannot believe what a difference a matter of weeks has made overall.

One of my favorite changes? Homemade eye shadow made with activated charcoal. It’s so easy and looks great, so give it a try!

What you’ll need:
Activated Charcoal capsules
A small glass jar with a tight lid
Eyeshadow brush, preferably with one thin end for liner and one rounded for smokey effects

Let’s get started.
Open up a charcoal capsule and pour into the small glass jar. Open up another one, and another, and another until you fill your jar about halfway. Store extra charcoal caps for when you run out or when you are feeling an upset, gassy stomach (that’s what they are really for).

Thanks to the jostling around in my purse the cap side is always nice and powdered for me…

When I apply, I just open the jar, flip the cap upside down and dab up some charcoal from the lid. Try mixing with a bit of water to paint on as a liner, but know that I get a nice liner effect without water by using a thin brush.

I’ve applied the eyeshadow to my left eye in the pics below: simple liner-style (bottom, left) and the smokey-style (bottom, right). It lasts a long time, all day really, and washes off easily.

You can also try powdered spirulina for a green shadow and powdered mica for shimmer. Mix them for different effects—have fun and show us what you come up with.



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