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Cayenne Pepper – most powerful herb!

Wopw – I had no idea!

Please see hereunder some comments on this posting for yet further valuable information:

  • Nathan Raaths I did not know that , we use a mixture of dandelion root , lemon juice and cayenne pepper daily when we are cutting fat to reach our fight weights but I had no idea our versatile it was !
  • Colleen Thompson Fantastic stuff… really DOES reverse heart attacks immediately!!! Have witnessed it… 1 tsp in glass of water!
  • Marmie Davies Yes I can vouch for that Thank you

  • Kathy Carter I agree, they need to put a few hints and tips on how to use it. Otherwise most people will blow it off because of lack of time and etc. BUT !! It’s wonderful for sore thoats !! Where Chloroceptic,Halls and etc, just numb it for a few minutes (if that) Cayenne actually heals it !! And it doesn’t take but a few times using it. I put it in boiling water & let it steep til cooled down to drinking temp., put some sugar or honey to sweeten, and sip, sip, sip. Use as much Cayenne as you can stand. It will burn a little, but that’s what you want. When it burns, it draws excess blood to that area and makes it heal !! I’ve used it for years, used it for my kids, made it for friends. It works !!
  • Andy Sweeney I add it to tomato dishes, beans, rice, in sauces, as Sri racha, add to ketchup, soups, any savory dish, zing zap germs be gone!
  • Jane Dieffenbacher Saved Tommy Dieffebacher from 6 heart attacks ( James dad)
  • Jane Dieffenbacher I heaping tablespoon dry powder and down it with water while they are passed out . 5 seconds they are up asking me what happened .
    • Larry Harvey I met a long lost cousin at a reunion years ago and he saw me limping. He said crush it into a poultice and wrap my knee up with it every day for a week and is never have any more pain. I didn’t try it but he said he did and it worked.
      • Sara Nicole It’s great for speeding up metabolism too! I add it to my morning elixir
      • Dalbert Butcher Never, ever use this while drinking alcohol.
      • Karyn Kidd I eat capsicum (the non hot type) daily in salads, good stuff. Its great for your stomach.
      • Kristina Stuteville Cayenne, is an accelerator for any herbal supplement! It is wonderful!!!
      • Connie Conway Leslie I use it in the evening; heat 3/4 cup of water with 2 tablespoon lemon juice until it is hot but drinkable. Then add in 3 shakes of cayenne, and a little sugar to taste. I drink it before bed, it helps me lose excess water retention…
        • Kania Setiyawan Wow, did you know that Indonesian people can’t live without it? We eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner… every day!
        • Jennifer Didier I put this on everything!
        • Anne Reid My husband has been taking cayenne capsules for many years for his sore knees ( hockey injuries). No more sore knees for him.

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