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How To Color Your Hair Using All Natural Herbal Ingredients

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How To Color Your Hair Using All Natural Herbal Ingredients282

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Changing your hair color can create dramatic changes in your appearance. However, many people today are concerned that constant changing of hair hues may have negative effects on the quality and beauty of their hair due to the highly potent chemical ingredients found in many hair products. The good news is, we’ve just found a page with a whole list of all-natural hair coloring recipes that are chemical-free. Ok, you won’t get punk reds and blues, but these natural tints will still be of value for most people! Here’s a quick summary of a few of the ingredients used:


Probably the most famous natural hair color of all, henna’s glorious red is a fantastic shade and has been in use since really ancient times. We’ve written a full report on henna – including some important info about making sure you are getting pure henna that is not adulterated.


For people with light brown-colored or blond hair, chamomile shows promising results in enhancing the highlights of their hair. In fact, it is one of the most common ingredients of many hair products today. According to research, when mixed with olive oil, chamomile tea works best in cleansing, purifying and conditioning the hair until it become livelier and softer. Furthermore, this herb works efficiently in dealing with dandruff, oily scalp as well as dry and frizzy hair that normally comes with split ends. Chamomile is also capable of revitalizing the hair, strengthening its roots, and is reported to protect the hair against damages caused by the external environment.


Applying the juice of this citrus fruit is probably one of the most effective natural ways in lightening the color of your hair. Known for its myriad health benefits, lemon acts as an excellent hair lightener that is capable of reducing the melanin pigment without causing adverse damages to the hair.


Calendula is a useful herb for enhancing hair color and its quality. A flower best recognized for its bright golden blooms, calendula is fortified with powerful nutrients that sooth sensitive scalp and protect the hair against free radical damage. When used as rinse, calendula strengthens the hair roots and promotes better growth of hair. It can also be used to enhance hair highlights. This herb is also capable of making blond and red hair shinier and full of life.

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