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MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) interview with Jim Humble

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80 year old  Jim Humble, who brought MMS to the world,  is interviewed on Project Camelot

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Published on Jul 10, 2013

This is my interview with Jim Humble regarding MMS (Miracle Mineral Supplement) trials with the Red Cross in Uganda where MMS cured 154 cases of Malaria. See the video that details this story. My interview is about this situation where the Red Cross* is now denying they participated in the trials and witnessed the results. This interview sets the record straight as does the following video. Please make this video and the one below go viral!

Thank you for your help in getting the truth out.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot

* Please watch this video about the Red Cross *…


MMS is available at in South Africa

 from the following website :

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