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Pest Control Naturally

Pest Control Naturally


Fight Cabbage Worms, Aphids, Tomato Worms and Beetles and other little pests organically!!!

This simple solution WORKS great, is so simple to make and will not harm your plants.

You will need:
1 Bulb Garlic
2 tablespoons sunlight dish-soap
1 small rhubarb leaf (optional – I will explain  the purpose of this later)
1 – 2 fresh hot chili peppers or 2 tablespoons dried chili flakes
about 1 liter of water
fine metal sieve
small pot
spray bottle

Boil all ingredients together for 5-10 minutes – leaving out the dish-soap  Allow mixture to cool completely, strain through sieve into spray bottle, then add dish-soap.
Spray infected area of your plants consistently for 2 – 4 days, and every second or third day thereafter or as needed (if infestation is really bad, spray twice daily). DO NOT SPRAY this mixture on your plants in the hot sun, it may turn the leaves brown. The cool evening/early morning is the time I find the most effective. You can use this mixture on any plant, vegetable or herb.

Rhubarb garden spray is an effective spray for controlling aphids and other sucking insects, as it suffocates them. It is excellent for all plants especially roses as the rhubarb also helps control black-spot on the leaves.  The garlic and pepper deters pests from your plants and the dish-soap leaves a slight coating on leaves.  There are many that will say NOT to use rhubarb leaves as an insecticide on edibles, because the rhubarb leaves are toxic to humans and animals when ingested.  There is such a minor amount in this recipe it is of no concern to me – I use this recipe constantly. Please make sure you dispose of rhubarb leaves out of children or animals reach.  If you have a very minor infestation of aphids, often a simple solution of just dish-soap and water will do the trick!

There are many homemade pesticide recipes available – this is my personal preference that I would like to share with you all, please look into other options to best suite your needs by doing a google search.

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