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Lab’s lacerated eye healed in an hour!

12 hours ago



LADY“Lady the Black Lab” Gets Her Eyeball Filleted Open By Razor Sharp Cat’s Claw, A ‘Miracle’ Ensues…

Lady let out a loud yelp and I figured a cat must have swatted at her. No big deal, I thought. Minutes later I looked at her and noticed her eye was half closed and weeping. I held open her eyelids and to my horror her cornea had a deep slice running thru the middle, from top to bottom. I quickly called Suzy and showed her. Over the next few minutes while we were looking her over, the entire eyeball lost ALL of its fluid out through the gash and completely deflated.

She looked mutilated and lopsided. One eye full and round, the other concave and sagging inwards.

There was a terrible sinking feeling in our stomachs.

We gathered ourselves and immediately created some fresh urine and let drops of it fall from a cotton ball into the cave of what used to be her round eyeball. We did this four more times in the next half hour and tried to think of what else we could do.

I had read many testimonials of terrible wounds which when covered in urine soaked bandages would a few days to a week later reveal miraculously and amazingly fully healed injuries, including those of the eyes.

We told Lady to get on her bed and hoped she would sleep for a bit while we thought of a plan of action.

I thought about motorcycle goggles for dogs and if I could get one I would pack the injured side with urine soaked cotton balls. I went online and start looking at Harley Davidson websites for doggie accessories. About an hour later, as I was just getting ready to fill out the order form for some groovy dog goggles cutely named, “Doggles,” Suzy brought Lady out to me and said, “Look at her eye!”

My fellow humans, I do hereby attest to you that the eye was TOTALLY healed.

At first I thought I was looking at the wrong eye, but no, I wasn’t. I looked at it from the side so a glare of light would fall across the eye in an attempt to see the deep ‘slice’ across her cornea.

I could see nothing.

Her two eyes looked TOTALLY IDENTICAL AGAIN.

Suzy said the same thing, at first she thought she MUST be looking at the wrong eye. But no, this was not the case.

We had to ‘pinch’ ourselves and asked each other to confirm what we had witnessed and that, YES, not but an hour ago, the eye WAS sliced wide open through the middle, WAS totally deflated, WAS looking like a complete lost cause and we were considering having to live with the idea of Lady losing one of her beautiful brown eyes.


What happened?

Wet and mucous membrane parts of the body tend to heal very quickly due to the life and light channelling properties of pure water. The cornea is obviously a VERY watery part of the body.

I think the combination of the immediate application of the growth hormone-filled urine drops and then having Lady lay down and sleep for an hour, healed the eye.

I think that while she held the eye closed during her nap, the growth hormone from the urine got a chance to stitch up and repair the slice in her cornea. I then think that with cornea no longer open and leaking, Lady’s internal distilled waters supply filled the eyeball back up with pure water and… PRESTO!!!


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