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MMS in evolution – new product, CDS


Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Great news!

Jim Humble’s MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) has evolved into a much easier product with the following benefits :

  • no having to activate drops –  it’s already done for you
  • mix up a day’s hourly dosages in one bottle
  • no taste
  • no potential nausea
  • super fast acting
  • ability to take high dosages without any negative effects

Ta ra …….. introducing  ………

CDS: Chlorine Dioxide Solution

What is CDS?
In a nutshell, this is the new way of making MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution). In time, further
information regarding this multi-functional product will be made available.
Problems with MMS, such as the taste and nausea are eliminated with CDS, enabling one to
take up to 24 drops an hour with no side effects. It tastes just like water.
*Mixing CDS for a single dose:
We recommend starting with 10 drops and gradually increasing, if you wish to, to 24 drops.
Always listen to your body and your instinct.
*Mixing CDS for an 8 hour period:
You will need an empty one litre bottle for this protocol.
Use a marking pen to divide the 1 litre bottle into eight sections – this will indicate your eight
doses to be taken hourly for Day 1.
From the 200 ml bottle pour 2,5 ml into the 1 litre bottle. Fill the bottle with water.
Every hour, pour out one of the eight measures and drink.
If no side effects are experienced after day 1, it is possible to increase the number of drops
gradually to 192 drops per day (*8 ml of CDS in the one litre of water). Establish the level
that you are comfortable with.
Note: 24 drops = 1 ml .. 8 doses per day = 8 ml * a measuring cup is provided
*Spray bottle (handbag size)
Using the 50 ml dropper bottle, add 10 – 20 drops of CDS, fill with water and shake to mix. For
topical application, always test the solution on a soft part of your skin. If there is any
reaction, reduce the number of drops until there is no reaction.

Applications : Deodorant; for skin problems; to disinfect public toilet seats; keep toothbrush
clean; treat dandruff etc. Keep in your handbag or car cubbyhole (out of the sun). This will
last for a month before needing to be refreshed.

*Teeth and mouth hygiene :
Put 5 ml CDS into 50 ml of water (a small wineglass is good), brush teeth and rinse as usual.

  1. Chlorine Dioxide Solution Kit: R 185.00 ex. VAT
 (includes 30 ml dropper bottle/empty spray bottle/200 ml CDS/measuring cup)
  2. CDS 30ml: R 21.00 ex. VAT
  3. CDS 200ml Top Up: R 140.00 ex. VAT

* Important notes :
*1.  Anti-oxidants dilute the benefits of CDS so it’s best to avoid them altogether whilst taking
CDS. That would include tea, coffee, vitamin C and fruit juices. Otherwise take only after
three hours of a CDS dose.
*2.  Please be careful when decanting because CDS may stain surfaces and clothes
*3.  Ladies please note that CDS may negate the benefits of contraceptives.

Will CDS hurt beneficial gut flora?

The oxygen potential of Chlorine Dioxide is .95 volts.

Oxygen is 2.30 and oxygen doesn’t hurt good tissue.

Chlorine dioxide is a “weak” oxidizer but strong against the pathogens which have a lower oxygen potential . Other strong oxidizers that come in at (1.7) and (2.05) DO and can hurt good tissue.  They’re just too strong

English: Solution of chlorine dioxide in water...
English: Solution of chlorine dioxide in water Deutsch: Chlorindioxidlösung in Wasser (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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