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The great benefits of carrot juice


The benefits of carrot juice are

impossible to ignore

Thu. July 4, 2013 by Michelle Marks, staff writer

Carrot Juice News

(NaturalHealth365) Do you tend to reach for whole carrots instead of juicing? If so, you’re missing out on the impressive benefits of carrot juice. In fact, many people refer to it as a miracle juice!

While eating carrots is, of course, also good for you, juicing enables you to increase your intake of vegetables. It also makes it easier to adsorb all the nutrients from the vegetable. Surprising to me, but true, many (in the natural health world) say that carrot juice has “too much sugar”. I’ll let you decide after watching this interesting (video) exchange between Jonathan Landsman and Charlotte Gerson, founder of The Gerson Institute.

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Carrot juice tends to help the body detoxify and can even remove infections from the kidneys. It has amazing regenerative properties and can heal and prevent digestive issues. Just one cup of carrots offers 400% of Vitamin A, 12% Vitamin C, 11% potassium, 20% Vitamin K. High levels of vitamin E, G, and B are also found in carrots.

Could you have a vitamin A deficiency?

Carrots are rich in beta carotene. This means that the body will get an ample dose of vitamin A when you drink carrot juice. Many people are unaware that they have a serious vitamin A deficiency. One visible sign of this issue is dry and damaged skin, nails and hair. Ample vitamin A consumption improves skin health and boosts the growth of bones and teeth.

The benefits of carrot juice can impact your vision as well. A lack of vitamin A can cause night blindness. If you’ve ever found your eyes were having trouble adjusting from dark to light, this means that you may have a deficiency.

Drinking carrot juice has actually repaired the eyes of those who were not admitted to the Air Force due to eyesight defects. After just two weeks of drinking carrot juice, their eyes had improved enough for them to be accepted.

Vitamin E offers cancer preventative properties

Vitamin E can repair tissue and many researchers view it as a nutrient necessary for cancer prevention. Research has showed that in conditions with low levels of vitamin E, there is no healthy cell division. This provides an environment where cancer cells can grow.

Carrots on display at local greengrocer

The importance of produce with an orange/yellow color

New research out of the Netherlands has revealed that carrots reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The study broke fruits and vegetables down by four colors: green, orange/yellow, red/purple, and white. Scientists found that the orange/yellow color was most protective.

Benefits of carrot juice are also important to note during pregnancy and nursing. Moms can enrich their milk by drinking carrots. When carrot juice is consumed during pregnancy, it has been shown to lower the risk of infection after childbirth.

Tips on making a delicious glass of fresh juice

It is possible to tell how high the level of beta carotene is in carrots by looking at their color. The ones that are darker are best for juicing.

If you’re making fresh juice, you’ll quickly find that carrot juice tastes great when mixed with other juices. You can try everything from apples, cucumbers, lemons, spinach and kale. But, remember, to avoid a loss of nutrients – drink your juice as soon as you can after juicing the material.

Naturally, it’s best to always use organically-grown carrots. Also, especially for the beginner, get a juicer that’s easy to clean. Otherwise, you’ll likely put off juice-making. Let’s face it – whatever you enjoy doing is what you’ll do for a lifetime of health benefits.

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