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Could Morarji Desai have been right?

Monday, Apr 8, 2013, 4:10 IST | Place: Bangalore | Agency: DNA

Businessman Jagadish Burani claims, with evidence, that urine therapy can cure even terminal cancer patients.

Jagadish Burani
Jagadish Burani – DNA

For all the jokes about former prime minister Morarji Desai’s secret of a healthy long life being urine therapy, he now may seem vindicated. A businessman Jagadish Burani has claimed, with evidence, that urine therapy has cured even terminal cancer patients.

When 28-year-old Mamatha (name changed) was admitted to the hospital with a malignant ovarian tumor, she was unaware of what was coming next. She was asked to undergo 12 sessions of chemotherapy. She lost all hopes as she had heard horrifying stories from patients who had undergone chemotherapy and decided to accept her fate. But that is when her mother suggested her to consult Jagdish Burani, a businessman.

Now, one may wonder how a businessman could help a patient with ovarian cancer. But, Mamtha today is a cancer survivor and she attributes her recovery solely to Burani.

“One has medicines in his or her own body. It is only a trick to learn how to make that medicine work for you,” Burani, who admits he is not a doctor and does not charge anyone, told Mamatha.

“He gave me a book on urine therapy. At first, it was disgusting for me. I was not sure if I should even consider it. But, I told myself that for the sake of my health, I have to do it and now, I am hale and hearty again. In fact, my skin has cleared up, my pain has vanished and my hair is growing back to its full length,” she says.

Yes, Mamtha had to drink her own urine as therapy for her debilitating condition. Many across the world have hypothesized that massaging body with urine and also drinking one’s own urine can help cure deadly diseases like cancer too.

Rashmi Jindal, daughter of another cancer survivor from Delhi, said: “My mother was in terminal stage. Doctors in Delhi told us that they could not treat her any more and that we must call our relatives and give them the news. But, I had faith. I found out from a distant relative about the therapy.”

After they contacted Burani, who told them to simply go to his website and follow the methods mentioned in it, Rashmi told her family about it.

“She was diagnosed with cancer in the bones, lungs and stomach. She was 53-years-old and the doctors had given up hope. So, we began this treatment at home. We followed very light diet including lots of water, boiled vegetables, brown rice, oatmeals and fruit juices. This helped in bringing the odor of the urine down and also in making it light in colour. Once this was done, she was asked to take light chemo therapy. After the second one, her lungs were clear and she had no cancer cells at all,” says Rashmi.

Following this, Rashmi began making her mother drink more water to help her pass clear urine.

“Now, she has no cancer at all. All tests showed that there were no active cancer cells in her body.

We are glad that we found ‘doctor’ Jagdish,” she said.

Many like Rashmi and Mamtha leave testimonials on Jagdish Burani’s website. How did he find this out?

“I had read a book in 1993 about the treatment. We tried the therapy on my wife who was also very ill. Then, I also began using the treatment and now, I have not fallen sick at all,” said Jagdish.

Over the years, he began researching about the therapy and learned that massaging oneself with urine and also making a wet pack of urine could cure people of various illnesses.

“Following this, I treated people with cancer also. One lady who had terminal stage cancer was cured completely. It is the oils, spices and chillis used in the food that makes the urine smelly.

Once this is gone, one can drink it like water,” he said.

Further, he said that after massaging oneself with urine thrice, it starts feeling like oil and it relieves pain. “It contains urea, ceratinin, ammonia, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and chloride. And all are beneficial. I started a website last year and over 14,000 visitors have seen the page. I don’t charge anything to the people as it is beneficial to all those who believe in it,” he said.

Dr KC Ballal, former member of Central Council of Indian Medicine said: “I believe in integrated medicine. When I would get terminally ill patients and they could not afford anything, I would suggest them this therapy and it has helped them a lot. A patient who had to have his kidneys replaced had no money. Once he was put on this therapy, he became fit again. If it works, why not recognise it.”

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