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A safe alternative to killer vaccines

Where to Find Green Homeopathic SAFE Vaccines

If you are a child of the 50’s, some of you will remember receiving a sugar cube in a paper cup that you needed to take (probably at your elementary school). Everyone told you it wouldn’t hurt, there would be no needle involved, and that eating that sugar cube would keep you safe from catching a disease called polio. If this was you, welcome to human vaccine trials, you’ve earned a place in history. For better or worse.


The Salk polio vaccine originated from Cutter Labs in California and while many were fine, others were not. In fact, that particular vaccine was later found to infect hundreds of children who subsequently became paralyzed and died.

The concept of vaccines, the theory, is accurate. Introducing a “vaccine” to mucous membranes is where human immunity begins and it’s the way nature intended exposure to pathogens to occur. And it’s also more logical to introduce one disease at a time- as opposed to multiple diseases with one injection. That is how Mother Nature tends to work, too.

And these two ideas are the main principles behind a 200-year-old method of disease prevention that is quickly (thankfully) gaining popularity among those who choose not to partake in the conventional vaccine schedule. The method is called homeoprophylaxis, or HP for short.

From the article:

“HP is delivered on tiny sugar pellets, one disease at a time, devoid of adjuvents, preservatives, antibiotics, animal viruses, GMOs or excipients of any kind. It contains only the frequency of the disease. This is how illness occurs in nature. The innate developing immune system recognizes one disease, begins an immune response by producing a fever, then a discharge or eruption, and then resolution by developing lifelong immunity to a specific virus. HP produces a similar response yet in a much milder way. We might observe a very brief runny nose or perhaps a longer nap. However, there is no immune system confusion, no viral competition, no crossed signals, and no system overload like with conventional vaccines!

HP Is made by serial dilution of an original substance, either from a natural disease or from an animal, mineral or vegetable source. It is diluted past Avogadro’s number (remember high school chemistry?), rendering it devoid of any molecules, and thus harmless. It maintains the original energetic frequency, however. It’s this stimulation to the immune system that primes it to recognize a disease when encountered in the environment to effectively mount an immune response in the most natural way. Or, the disease is repelled altogether.”

There are no dangerous side effects and there has never been a death from homeoprophylaxis. In fact, the effectiveness of homeoprophylaxis has proven to be robust and in many cases exceeds the effectiveness of conventional vaccines without all the dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects.

But does it work? Who uses it?

Thanks to our friends at The Healthy Home Economist, we know that it does work and several large-scale observational studies have found:

  • Leptospirosis in Cuba (2.5 million people (Bracho, G, Varela, E, Fernandez, R, et al. “Large-scale application of highly-diluted bacteria for Leptospirosis epidemic control.” Homeopathy. 99 (2010): 156-166))
  • Meningitis in Brazil (85,000 people (Mroninski, Adriano, Mattos. Homeopathic Links, Winter 2001, Vol 14(4))
  • Influenza (International Journal of High Dilution Research 2011; 10(36):174-176)
  • Japanese encephalitis in India (20 million people (Srinivasulu, G.An Open Observational Study on the prevention of Japanese Encephalitis through Miasmatic Prescription, Journal of Homoeopathy,U.K. 2014))
  • HP is also effective for the prevention of childhood diseases as observed in 3500 children (Golden, Isaac. “Homeoprophylaxis-A Fifteen Year Clinical Study: A Statistical Review of Efficacy and Safety of Long Term Homeoprophylaxis. Gisborne. Vic. 2004).

With HP, there is no expected antibody production (that’s not the goal, either) because antibody production isn’t necessarily the gold standard of immunology. People vary greatly in how their immune systems respond to stimulation from pathogens. HP addresses the innate arm of the immune system, unlike vaccines that just boost antibodies in a mechanical way. Truthfully, the artificial stimulation of the immune system can potentially cause damage and paves the way for possible lifelong issues with autoimmunity.

There are 3 applications for HP –

  1. Endemic disease (such as leptospirosis)
  2. Short term epidemics (such as influenza)
  3. Childhood diseases

For short-term epidemics, like flu, you dose for a few weeks/months until the risk is past. Some practitioners give “influenzinum” to their patients at the beginning of flu season and then every 6 weeks until the end of flu season.

More from the article:

“For childhood disease we use a program that contains single monthly doses for a period of about 3 years.  This includes 8 diseases that are on the recommended schedule that parents typically vaccinate for. Protection begins immediately with the first dose and continues for a period of about 10 years. Re-doses can be administered in teen years or young adulthood depending on exposure to disease and risk of the specific disease.”

HP is also safe to use when traveling to foreign countries, because the claim that you mustreceive vaccines to travel, is inaccurate. Actually, the only vaccine required to re-enter the US is yellow fever if you have visited a country where yellow fever is endemic; find that info on the CDC’s site under “travel” where you can click on links for each country and learn about the yellow fever risk. For all other vaccines- like those for hepatitis, dengue fever, typhoid, malaria, and others- HP is more than suitable and can provide protection- many of the studies already conducted have taken place in countries where these tropical epidemics exist.

If you hate the thought of injecting your tiny newborn with conventional vaccines, loaded with neurotoxic chemicals and additives that can damage their health for a lifetime, there IS another way. In fact, to learn more, the second international conference for parents and healthcare practitioners is taking place in St. Petersburg Florida, October 7-9, 2016. For more info, click here

If you want to purchase Green vaccines then please click here to go with info on how to obtain them for you and your family!
(I have no affiliation with this group, but hear great things, I make ZERO commissions on it but this doctor does have them available along with a free consult.

Source: The Healthy Home Economist

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