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Detox – why ?


  • To eliminate unwanted toxins
  • Keep the inside of the body clean as well as outside

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Open up a health magazine and you are bound to see an article on detox.
Visit a health shop and you will see dozens of detox products…

In the previous newsletter we asked you if you are ready to make 2017 your healthiest year yet.

Today we talk about the first step towards that goal:

Why are people and companies from
all over the world talking so much about it?

Why is there this ‘hype’?

Is it just another trend or is it
something we should all be doing?

To answer these questions we must go back to the beginning.

We must look at the intelligent system that is our body…

 Detoxification is not a foreign concept to the human body. The body undergoes numerous detoxification processes naturally and continuously in order to rid itself of unwanted toxins which we have accumulated through our environment (food, water, air, etc).  Detoxification is a primary function of the body and works alongside all other bodily systems in order to keep us alive.

At this point you may be asking:

If my body is detoxifying itself, why should I intervene?

The need for detoxification programs arose because it became evidently clear that humans were being exposed to massive amounts of toxic chemicals which they previously never needed to deal with. The quality of water we drink, air we breathe and food we eat is not what it used to be. We could go into details here regarding pesticides, heavy metals and genetically-modified crops, but the point today is that our bodies do not recognize these foreign toxins and dealing with them may cause many other health-related problems. Simply put, the body has become overburdened.

Detoxification programs, however, offer solutions to this challenge the body faces – they were designed to help support our bodies with this process of waste elimination…

​​​​​​​ But are detoxification programs actually effective?


We take great care to keep ourselves clean on the outside – we wash our bodies, our clothes, our homes.  It is easy to see if something is dirty or untidy on the outside, but what we don’t see is what goes on inside our bodies!


Just how clean is your blood?
And how clean are your organs?

The liver, colon, lymphatic system, kidneys, lungs and skin work hard to filter and eliminate waste, but because we are being exposed to all of these unwanted foreign chemicals our organs might not be able to keep up. Think of it like this: a car engine needs to be kept clean and all the parts need to be serviced on an ongoing basis. The fuel also needs to be pure so it can flow through the car system with ease. It’s the same concept with our bodies. We need to service our bodies and keep our blood – the fuel – clean. The only difference in this comparison is that a car’s parts can still be replaced. It is not always so with our organs which means we need to take extra care when it comes to choosing the kind of fuel we put into our bodies!

When we decide to start a detox program we are choosing to support our bodies with the process of elimination. Not only is such a program an extremely effective and easy way to do so, but it has numerous other health benefits such as speeding up your metabolism, clearing up your skin, reducing allergies, improving sleep and strengthening your immune system.

When we look at detoxification in this positive light – remembering that we are simply imitating what the body is already doing (but might need help with!) –  it only makes sense to make detox and cleanse protocols an integral part of our lives! 

In the upcoming newsletters we will delve into the wonderful workings of multiple organs of detox. We will also provide you with effective natural remedies which will support the different organs in the best way possible!


Wishing you immeasurable health, love and laughter!


Dr Janey & The Team





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