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Springclean your wonderful Body

Spring is a joyful time to clean up and clear out – and this applies beautifully to our bodies as well as our homes

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We believe that there are several basic steps to restoring or furthering great health, for everyone :



Step 1

Clean up and clear out.  This would include a good detox with products such as Zeolite and Diatomaceous Earth which will remove harmful toxins



Step 2

A self-help test to check for fungus / candida is easy. Place a glass of water next to your bed and first thing in the morning just spit into it.  Check after half an hour – if there are tendrils or strings in the water it is a positive sign of fungus

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A gentle herbal remedy is available – called Fungus (and Candida)  Eliminate from Natsolve



Step 3

Eliminate worms and parasites. These uninvited passengers can cause havoc in the body.  BIO-SIL has a gentle three-month herbal remedy in capsule form from Natsolve, called Parasite and Worm Eliminate which is designed to capture and eliminate the on-going hatching of eggs.  You might find that cravings (e.g. for sugar or refined carbs) disappear once this process has been completed!  Tip: Best to not do an internet search for parasite pictures – eeeeeek …… it’s for fainting!!!!


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Step 4

Restore a good and proper gut microbe balance. This is quite critical to health throughout the body.   A wonderful product is available to this end: Probiotic 1 litre


We are here to help anyone with queries :,.za
and wish you a magical and joyful glide into the months ahead

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