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MARVELLOUS  MIRACULOUS MULTI-FUNCTIONAL MORINGA OIL         1. Moringa oil : Anti-ageing properties One of the greatest Moringa oil benefits for beauty is it’s anti-ageing property. With all the antioxidants contained in Moringa oil, it’s no wonder that it is widely used by the cosmetics industry in ant-ageing creams. The oil is famous for its […] Read More
ZEOLITE – WHAT IS IT EXACTLY?   1.      Zeolite for Health  –  ‘Nature’s Detoxifier’ : an amazing mineral that   * Eliminates toxins, free radicals and heavy metals. * Boosts the immune system. * Helps reverse radiation damage. * Safe and effective for natural chelation therapy. * Balances the body’s pH level (Unhealthy […] Read More
Bio-Sil Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth     (85% amorphous silica) is of the highest quality! Edible Diatomaceous Benefits Arthritis pain relief Anti-aging Arthritis pain relief Basic therapy for lung and respiratory disorders Detoxify Dissolves excess weight and keeps bad cholesterol levels down Healthy hair and nails Lower blood pressure Mineralize – increase mineral absorption Pets […] Read More

BacteriaThe Best Natural Non-Toxic Bug Deterrent: Diatomaceous Earth Diatomaceous earth is not a topic that many people know much about or have necessarily heard of.

Get ready for a crash course in this naturally good product! No one likes to fill their bodies with harmful chemicals, and you […]

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What is oil pulling and does it work ? The results you can expect   This is real easy peasy – keep your chosen oil in the bathroom and start swishing first thing in the morning while you’re showering / getting dressed and it soon becomes a wonderful habit that you won’t forget or think […] Read More
  Top 15 Aloe Vera Benefits for your Health and Beauty     In South Africa we have a terrific Aloe product 90 vegecaps at this link : * * * * * Top 15 Aloe Vera Benefits for your Health and Beauty   Aloe Vera is quite an incredible medicinal plant full of […] Read More
    How to remove pigment spots on face naturally Pigmented spots are also known as Melasma. However, you can make a natural remedy get rid of those pigmented spots on your face. Melasma is a skin disorder that results in blotchy facial pigmentation. The other name for this disorder is also known as chloasma, […] Read More
Diatomaceous Earth  Human Use Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth  Health Benefits On this page, we have categorized some of the results from testimonial reports that we have reviewed regarding Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth human health benefits, and wherever possible between this page and our “How DE Works” page, we try to reflect the science behind the testimonials. Of course, most actual in […] Read More
10 Effective Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth Isn’t it sad that you need to think before you smile? Laughing aloud is a strict no, no and just is limited to texting! Yellow teeth sure can be embarrassing! Yellow teeth are usually a sign of decay and indicate an accumulation of plaque as well. Yellowing of […] Read More
How To Remove And Reduce Facial Scars? ahana Dec 26, 2013 at 1:46 pm Girls who have oily and acne-prone skin, might suffer from the embarrassment caused by acne scars. Not only oily-skinned women but even combination skinned girls stand the chance of suffering from acne and acne scars. Acne tends to mellow down eventually but […] Read More
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