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NATURAL SOLUTIONS’ BODY HEALING CLEANSE TO ELIMINATE VIRUSES AND BACTERIA A simple, straight-forward 40 day recipe for restored health For the next four weeks consume raw organic fruits and vegetables, with an emphasis on keeping fat intake low. Limit salt intake, only a sprinkle of Himalayan salt to a dish as needed. Stay hydrated with […] Read More
  Fur full and further information, please visit here:   Orgonite EMF buster with crystals Read More
Why We’re All Deficient In Magnesium, The Many Signs & What To Do March 23, 2016 Magnesium Deficieny Signs of magnesium deficiency are everywhere in the United States, fi you know what to look for. Unfortunately, the symptoms are so incredibly common that they constantly slip under the radar! Hardly anyone, especially doctors, notice that the […] Read More
Hydration pointers Best consume water that has either a zero ppm (parts per million particulate matter) or very close thereto, such as distilled or reverse osmosis water.   The body cannot process inorganic matter which makes up the ppm count.   (ref : for much more information in this regard). Best not to consume […] Read More