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8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits, Uses & Side Effects < section class=”entry-content”>   If you haven’t heard of colloidal silver, you will soon enough if you’re on the lookout for alternative therapies to common health issues, such as a sinus infection or a cold. Grab Your Guide For The Top 8 Proven Colloidal Silver Benefits Most health food stores and […] Read More
4 Effective Ways to Use Colloidal Silver to Deal with Pesky Sinus Problems (Including Sinus Cough)     A reader recently wrote me, describing a persistent cough she has been battling after coming down with a cold. She wrote: “I have a cough that I can’t get rid of. This is a dry cough that […] Read More
Pelargonium Sidoides from Afrigetics Pelargonium sidoides raw material and ultraonic, freeze-dried powder extract. Afrigetics offers Pelargonium sidoides tubers as a raw material (NLT 100ppm Umckalin) and as a freeze-dried powder ultrasonic extract (NLT 300ppm Umckalin)     Quick Facts: Extracts of Pelargonium have been proven to reduce the duration and severity of colds and flu’s, particularly […] Read More
What is Colloidal Silver? Before the invention of the refrigerator, it was common practice to drop a silver coin into a container of milk as a preservative because silver was known to prevent the growth of algae, bacteria and other undesirable organisms. Dating back to ancient times, silver was also a popular remedy to stop […] Read More
Special Notice:  What to do in the case of vaccinations by Archbishop Mark Grenon * * * * * Special note from Archbishop Jim Humble To the best of my knowledge, based on 17 years of working with MMS, I believe that MMS will neutralize vaccines when Archbishop Mark’s process, described below, is followed. From […] Read More
Thanks to Steve Barwick of The Silver Edge for this information : Colloidal Silver and Colds: A Safe, Simple and FAST Way to Stop Colds Before They Get Started!   Dr. Mercola once recommended putting a couple of drops of standard household 3% hydrogen peroxide into your ears, using an eye dropper, the moment you […] Read More
Two videos worth watching if you’re interested in natural health: Interview with Andreas Kalcker with comprehensive information about Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS)   The person behind MMS – Jim Humble A succinct description of what MMS can help us with Read More
Lemons improve oxygen uptake and brain function October 3, 2012 by Blanche Levine   (NaturalHealth365) You’re about to learn how to dramatically improve your health without spending a small fortune. That’s right – in just 3 minutes – you can literally boost digestive function; improve oxygen uptake within the body; build alkalinity and increase your […] Read More
  Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits Home Remedy for Allergies Danica Collins | Did You Know… that a centuries-old folk-remedy of fermented liquid might be one of the most effective allergy treatments available today? The fermented liquid in question is none other than … apple cider vinegar. It offers an array of powerful health benefits, many of which you may […] Read More
Five home remedies for colds, coughs and the flu by JB Bardot (NaturalNews) From the pantry to the bedside, home remedies you can make in a snap help prevent seasonal colds or cure a stubborn case of the flu. Garlic tea immune enhancer A well-known immune system strengthener, garlic shines as an antibacterial and […] Read More