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We at BIO-SIL loved this and have permission to share it with you!     Apart from our diets, the thoughts and emotions we experience each day has a huge impact on our health.  So here at *Kommunitea, we have put together several simple steps that one can begin to implement immediately for a more […] Read More
The Surprising Day Jobs That Set Up These 10 Entrepreneurs for Success by Dayna Winter Email Pinterest Facebook Facebook LinkedIn It’s 4:30 PM on a Wednesday. You’re on the clock until 5, but you’ve finished the all of the sweeping or checked out your last customer or filed the day’s paperwork. It’s prime time for […] Read More
Do you know how to use 100% of your brain? Listen to Dr Bruch Lipton (world renowned microbiologist) explain the easy peasy means to change this! Read More
Reveal Your Life’s Purpose by Asking These 15 Questions THE MIND UNLEASHED on 14 January, 2015 at 12:57 By: Stephen Parato, Guest Contributor.     You came here for a reason, didn’t you? You can feel it in the depths of your being. Your life is inconceivably meaningful. You arrived on Earth for a purpose. […] Read More
Self help from two delightful, humorous, out of the box scientists Dr Rupert Sheldrake and Dr Bruce Lipton   These delightful two ‘out of the box’ scientists deliver an entertaining and humorous, easy to understand explanation of why genes do not dictate our lives (yay! so empowering!), the placebo effect, and much more. I also […] Read More
10 Signs You’ve Found Your Calling By Lissa Rankin MD Guest Writer for Wake Up World How can you tell if you’ve found your calling? As a doctor who was called to medicine at a young age but then wound up disillusioned by the system, questioning my calling, I’ve asked myself this question a lot. It’s been […] Read More
50 Ways to take a break Read More
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