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Eco-Pest 20kg

This product is well refined Diatomaceous earth specifically designated for natural, non-toxic garden & home pest control use. It is an effective and affordable pest control grade for the high application rates used to cover whole gardens, patios, home environments, stables, birdcages, chicken coops and paddocks etc.

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Eco-Pest can also be placed in dusting dishes for chickens/birds as well as in large 3m x 3m rolling mats for animals to roll and lie in. Eco-Pest can also be placed at paddock entrances where livestock accelerate and kick up the DE onto thier coats

 Full instructions for all the applications are included in the bag.



  • Insect protection in feed
  • Garden & home Pest Control
  • Pen, coop, cage and paddock pest management
  • Animals coats for fleas and ticks

Act 36/1947 Reg no. 23111

Available in: 20kg bag


Guaranteed analysis:

Minimum 84% amorphous silica

Maximum 5% moisture


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