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Eco-Feed 20kg

 Our Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth is designated for livestock. Being less fussy than domestic animals, livestock don’t mind the earthy taste of this slightly less refined product. This product is far more affordable than the Food Grade DE making it a viable option for the consumption rate of larger livestock animals.

 Full instructions for all the applications are included in the bag

 Courier fees do apply


o   Feed

o   Anti- caking agent in Feed

o   Mould inhibitor in feed

o   Bio-available silica & trace element supplement 

o   Insect protection in feed

o   Internal parasite remedy for feed


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Premium Feed Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) suitable for animal consumption.

Act 36/1947 Reg no. 23111

Available in: 20kg bag


Dosage for use


Mix with feed or lick at a suggested 2-5% of total mass of feed/lick


Guaranteed analysis:

Minimum 84% amorphous silica

Maximum 5% moisture