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Diatomaceous Earth Chickens

Lice or mites on chickens are a pain because infestations are usually heavy, and the insects' life cycle is difficult to thwart. However, there is a natural chicken lice and mite treatment with diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth for chickens works to effectively remove the mites and lice in a safe way. As the fine powder coats their coop, it begins to repel the existing lice or mites, while stopping the insects' egg cycle.

Diatomaceous earth consists of porous diatoms that will absorb moisture and deodorize the area. It's the absorbent properties of DE that are so effective in dehydrating insects, providing long-term protection from lice and mites.

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how-to Feed de to Animals

Diatomaceous earth is an excellent feed additive you can give to your animals. Farmers and pet owners alike have sent in many stories telling us of the benefits of feeding their animals DE. With the popularity of organic and sustainable ways to farm, diatomaceous earth provides a cost-effective natural addition to your animal feed. When used as a feed additive, customers have reported the following benefits: reduced vet bills, reduced manure odor, better coat, eye and hoof condition, increased metabolism, decrease in intestinal worms and weight gain. You can learn more by reading our guide below.

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