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Natural flea control & natural flea remedies


For natural flea control, diatomaceous earth is a green and effective product. Instead of environmentally harmful chemical reactions, DE works as an organic flea control through a mechanical reaction to dehydrate fleas and other bugs. Because the fossil diatoms are porous, they are very absorbent. Once DE comes into contact with a flea, it will begin dehydrating the flea. This quickly stops the flea's function to breathe or absorb liquids. DE is a successful flea repellent because the fleas will not become immune to it over time, which can happen with chemical products. For step-by-step instructions on home flea control and other natural flea remedies, check out our guide below.

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How-To Instructions


Grab Everything You Need

Make sure you have all the right equipment for the job. You can select from of our diatomaceous earth products below which includes the duster or just buy some DE and use your own applicators. There is no wrong way to apply diatomaceous earth, it just needs to come into contact with the insect to work.


Find Problem Areas

Normally these are the areas where your pets spend a lot of their time. If these areas are dark and somewhat damp, rearrange these areas to dry them out. Diatomaceous earth works better in a dry environment. Be sure to treat the skirting, under appliances and any other cracks and crevices. The Duster will be your best friend for the crack and crevices part. 


Vacuum Those Areas You Plan to Treat

This process will help disrupt the life cycle of the eggs that have been laid. Diatomaceous earth works better on adult fleas rather than the eggs.


Dust Those Areas That Have Been Exposed to the Fleas

Remember that insects must come in contact with diatomaceous earth in order for it to be effective. If necessary, use an applicator, a brush, a dry sponge, or even your foot to work in the diatomaceous earth to the carpet. Fleas can live all the way down to the root of the carpet.


Leave the Diatomaceous Earth in the Carpet for 4 to 12 Hours

As mentioned before, a flea must come in contact with the diatomaceous earth in order for it to work. The longer you leave it in the carpet, the better your chances of the flea coming in contact with it. The idea is to expose all of the fleas to the product.


Vacuum The Areas That Have Been Treated

Break up any clumps of diatomaceous earth before you begin vacuuming. While vacuuming, you may also notice dust coming out of your vacuum. Don't be alarmed, because this is normal when vacuuming fine powders such as diatomaceous earth.


Repeat This Process as Needed

Diatomaceous earth an all-natural product and so there is no risk of being exposed to harmful chemicals by over-using this product.

Helpful Tips and Warnings

    • If you have respiratory problems, like asthma, you should wear a dust mask when spreading large amounts of diatomaceous earth.
    • Dry out those areas that are infested that could be damp.
    • Use your vacuum to remove flea eggs (throw out or clean out the bag when finished).
    • Fleas must come in contact with diatomaceous earth in order to work.
    • Don't vacuum clumps as it may harm your vacuum.

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Carl Anhaeusser
Carl Anhaeusser

August 26, 2015

hi I have a millipede infestation in all my potted clivias of which I have many, the millipedes are eating the roots causing my plants to slowly die off, do you re comment diatomaceous earth? And how should I apply it? Thanks Carl

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