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Natural Flea Control for Cats


One of the most effective, natural flea remedies for cats is diatomaceous earth. It's beneficial because it's safe to use around pets and children in the home.

The most important thing to do when treating fleas is to break the flea life cycle. This cycle will continue unless the fleas on both the house and the cat are exposed to DE at the same time. Otherwise, once you remove the fleas from your cat, it will pick up fleas again from the house. For more information on using diatomaceous earth in the house, please read our article on how to control fleas in your home. To care for your feline, follow the directions below.

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How-To Instructions


Grab Everything You Need

You can select one of our diatomaceous earth products. Eco-Pet comes in a shaker or you can just buy our 5L tub and use your own applicators. There is no wrong way to apply diatomaceous earth; it just needs to come into contact with the insect to work.


Treat Your Hot Spots

It is important to identify the areas your cat visits frequently and make them a priority for your treatment. The more you expose the fleas to diatomaceous earth, the faster the results will come. Areas to consider include any food bowls, regular sleeping spots and the kitty litter.


Use a Flea Comb

Make sure to comb your cat with a flea comb to remove as many adult fleas and eggs as possible and to check the removal progress. Also, regularly treat the cat's bedding to kill any mature fleas that may reside there, which will break the most frequent flea cycle between the cat and its bed.


Have Patience With the Process

You should treat your cat's surroundings with diatomaceous earth every 2 to 3 days to break the life cycle of the flea. Diatomaceous earth is not a quick fix. It will take time for the flea to come into contact with the diatomaceous earth and about 48 hours to dehydrate the flea it has come in contact with. The process may take up to three weeks, but it's a gentle, natural preventative to more flea outbreaks, and it's cat friendly.


Keep Your Cat's Skin Moisturized

If your cat has a sensitive/naturally dry skin we recommend supplementing their diet with an edible oil such as the flax seed oil we have on offer in our store.



Helpful Tips and Warnings

    • Keep in mind diatomaceous earth dries out your cat's skin. It's important to take the necessary steps to prevent or counteract the effects of dry skin.
    • If you have respiratory problems, like asthma, you should wear a dust mask when spreading large amounts of diatomaceous earth.
    • It's recommended to treat your cat on a monthly basis as a preventative measure. Diatomaceous earth is a deterrent as well, making a great natural flea repellent for cats.
    • Fleas must come into contact with the diatomaceous earth to work effectively.


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Patricia Dean
Patricia Dean

May 03, 2016

I’m not clear. Do you actually sprinkle the DA on your cat? Also, if they lick it off them would it make them ill?
Thank you so much for your site! Very informative. :)

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